Our Place - Kaitiaki

The Eagle is represented across a range of beliefs and philosophies signifying spiritual protection, strength, courage, wisdom, creation and knowledge of magic.

We believe that Eagle Ridge Country Estate personifies all the attributes of this magnificent creature, which has also had physical links to the property since it was first built in 2000. 

As part of the original landscape design, a large American eagle statue was the centrepiece of the front courtyard at the entrance to The Highland Room. The eagle represented the American heritage of the initial owners but was removed in 2005. When new owners Nigel and Deborah purchased the estate in 2016, one of their first priorities was to replace the eagle.

Their vision became a reality when they commissioned a stunning sculpture of the ancient Hokioi (New Zealand Eagle). Sculptured by prominent New Zealand artist Dan Kelly, the sculpture features a wingspan of 5 metres and took Dan four months to create and four days to install.

The legend of the Hokioi was that of a powerful bird that rested on the top of mountains; never on the plains. It was described by the Ngāti Apa Maori Chief as red, black and white coloured, tinged with yellow and green and red feathers on top of its head. The eagle has a presence that sets it apart from the rest of the bird world. The sight of a lone eagle perched at the top of a tree is awe-inspiring. A noble creature cloaked in layers of beautiful plumage commands Mana (prestige and integrity) and respect within the animal kingdom as chief would be his people. With a slight air of mystery, the eagle portrays a sense of royalty and as the lion is the king of the jungle, the Eagle is the ruler of the skies.

In this way, Eagle Ridge Country Estate has links with the local Maori tribes and the land where it is situated, as well as links to the tribes of North America, where the Eagle is deeply entrenched in the culture, is greatly respected and holds a strong spiritual connection.

The Eagle is truly a magnificent creature, having the beauty, grace and elegance of a king, acute senses, raw power, agility and speed.

Eagle Ridge Country Estate captures the spirit of this incredible animal to fulfil its mission: to create memorable and successful events that exceed our client’s expectations, nurture relationships and delight the senses – one client, one event, one experience at a time.